Informatica Data Integration

Data Integration Hub is an application integration solution that your organization can use to share and synchronize data between different applications in the organization.

Overview of Data Integration Hub

To publish data to Data Integration Hub, first define the data set that you want to manage, for example, sales, customers, or orders. You define a data set by defining a topic. A topic defines the structure of the data that Data Integration Hub stores in the publication repository and the type of publication repository where data is stored. You can manage multiple topics that represent different data sets in Data Integration Hub. Applications publish data to topics and subscribe to data sets that are represented by topics.

Multiple applications can publish to the same topic, for example, applications at different stores can publish their orders to the same Orders topic. Multiple subscribers can consume the data from a topic. Different subscribing applications can consume the data in different formats and in different latencies based on a defined schedule.

Data Integration Hub stores the data that applications publish to topics in the Data Integration Hub publication repository. Data Integration Hub keeps the data in the publication repository until the retention period expires, and then deletes the data from the publication repository.

Applications can use Power Exchange adapters and Informatica Cloud connectors to share data from different sources, such as database tables, files, or any sources that Informatica supports. Each application can be a publisher and a subscriber to different topics.

Publications publish to a specific topic. A publication defines the data source type and the location from where Data Integration Hub retrieves the data that the application publishes.

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