Data Warehousing

Accelerate Deployment, Lower Costs and Risks


nterprise Data Warehousing by Informatica has helped companies implement easily scalable data marts & departmental data warehouses and move them up to enterprise data warehousing environments. This robust solution makes a great foundation for business expansion and as for all data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects. Ensuring enterprise data warehouses are populated and maintained with reliable & actionable data, Informatica’s Data Warehousing solution accelerates deployment & minimizes costs and risks.

Our consultants ensure, with their rich experience, that actionable Business Intelligence (BI) is derived from high-quality data from disparate sources across the enterprise. Stringent quality assurance throughout all stages of critical projects, including rollouts of complex systems, new regulations, business transformations and other major initiatives, makes OSGN the preferred authorized partner for Informatica’s Data Warehousing solution. We help you successfully avoid high maintenance and updates overhead costs, as it’s critical to make the right decisions on investing in which technologies and tools will be most effective to map data. A Proven Solution for Enterprise Data Warehousing

The Informatica solution for enterprise data warehousing empowers you to easily adapt to changing business requirements. With this leading data warehousing solution, your IT department can provide your business with actionable data needed for:

    • Better competitive insights
    • Quick, calculated decisions
    • Better visibility across business units
    • Greater compliance transparency

Informatica’s Platform for accessing, discovering, cleansing and integrating all enterprise data from a single, secure, scalable & reliable unified platform Informatica Velocity, a tested, proven implementation methodology that aligns IT teams with the business to implement scalable data warehousing & enterprise data warehousing projects rapidly and cost-effectively

Informatica Professional Services to help your IT organization quickly configure data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects for maximum future-ready flexibility


Informatica Solution for Enterprise Data Warehousing Key Features

  • Universal access to all enterprise data – regardless of location, format, volume, latency, or type—including transaction and interaction data
  • Self-service to help architects, developers, analysts, and developers collaborate effectively on data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects
  • Integrated data quality to ensure that accurate and trustworthy data populates data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects
  • Master data management to deliver an authoritative view to business intelligence and analytics, handling dimensions and hierarchies of data.
  • Fully auditable and traceable data from end to end using metadata management in data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing projects.
  • Granular user management and security to manage enterprise data warehousing work effectively among teams.
  • Enterprise grid and pushdown optimization to increase speed, efficiency and reliability – from departmental reporting to Big Data analytics
  • Real-time data integration data delivery from your data warehouse in batch, changed data and real-time formats.
  • Data services to augment data warehousing and enterprise data warehousing and deliver trusted data, physically or virtually to any application, at any latency, using any protocol
  • Substantially shrinking non-productive systems with Test Data Management.
  • Hybrid platform accelerating deployment of data warehousing, enterprise data warehousing environments and business intelligence with on-premise or cloud-based data feeds.
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